St Helen's Square

St Helen’s Square, located at the historic junction of Leadenhall Street and St Mary Axe, is a
new beautifully designed public plaza surrounded by iconic buildings in the heart of the City
of London.

The trees and large curved stone planters, with integrated seating, give a relaxed garden
feel to the Square, where many come during the day to relax and enjoy exhibitions and
performances. At night, the Square is transformed by lighting installations that create tree
leaf shapes on the paving and imitate “swaying reeds in the wind.”

L&K carried out all electrical aspects of the project which included installing tree up-lighters,
fibre optic planter lights, LED strip lighting underneath the edge of the stone planters,
together with five new 10m columns and one specially designed 18m column which carry
specialist projector equipment.

Location: St Mary's Axe

Client: Maylim

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